Courtesy Vehicles

Our Courtesy Vehicles

Being taken off of the road is one of the most inconvenient aspects of having an accident - If having your mobility taken away from you wasn't bad enough; having to find alternative methods of transport makes life a lot harder. GB Flint has a large fleet of courtesy vehicles available for use. All of our cars are provided serviced and ready to drive, all that we ask is that you bring your licence and insurance certificate for verification and we will have you back and mobile again as soon as we can.


Courtesy car emergency breakdown numbers:

  • Ford Assistance – 0800 111 234 or 020 3564 4444
  • Skoda Assistance – 0800 526 625 or 0330 100 3243
  • Volkswagen Assistance – 0800 777 192 or 0330 100 3241
  • Peugeot Assistance – 0800 294 0294

If you have been involved in an accident – contact G B Flints at the earliest opportunity for assistance on 0115 983 5710.